Art Object, series Not trash.

Marina Basel

The works are a reflection of personal experiences

author and reflection on the world that exists in the state

instability. Immutable and eternal values ​​have shown their turbulence,

ties were severed instantly. A world without borders turned out to be a phantom.

Plastic was used to create the work. On the one hand, it is simple, understandable and

distributed everywhere. And at the same time, plastic is something that does not exist

in nature. A completely artificially created product that our planet does not

able to digest. And when there is no more life, plastic will remain on the planet,

as a monument to a former civilization.

The wind of instability swirls us like pieces of micro-plastic in a bizarre
rhythm, and an object of art is created, which turns into a symbol
associations. There is only what we want to see, and names are only
a cliché that sends us to reflection

Material: Clay, PET, solid oak

wht: 370x460x60 mm