Wall sculpture “Swimmers”

Everything is energy, everything is movement. There is nothing permanent in the world; everything is in a state of endless change.
The author is interested in the movement of the human body, which is a powerful tool for working with consciousness and energy.
For a long time she created works through the art of photography, working with ballet dancers. This gave an amazing experience of understanding non-verbal body language and its infinite depth and truthfulness, much more sincere than thoughts expressed out loud.
The characters in the author’s world connect the ancient traditions of different peoples of the earth, the discoveries of quantum physics and are presented in a playful interactive form.
The prototypes for art objects were ancient religious objects, which in all civilizations had a sacred meaning and helped the spiritual formation of man. Tumbler, Kolobok, Yula, Prayer drums, Matryoshka dolls, Mandalas.
The most important thing that our ancient memory told us through symbols familiar to us from childhood is that the main support and source of joy are located in ourselves, in our soul. No matter how quicksand the world around us may seem, the strength of the race, the real human soul inside us, our core will help us move forward and develop. This is especially relevant now.

Material: Clay, base

wht: 900x900x50 mm